It’s waiting for you – a podcast

Everything you want to know is either out there or in there (in you).

It took a book I bought way back in 1992 which I recently picked up to let me know I had information inside me I didn’t know. Yet I guess every time I heard about that information since then it seemed to make sense with out knowing why. Maybe I wasn’t in the right level of my personal adventure and now I am.

What I am try to say, probably a little unsuccessfully, is that information is everywhere, you don’t need to look to far and some is even closer to home if you take the time to look. The other great thing is you don’t have to spend the time others took to learn what the know because their knowledge is available to you, you just have to look.

Let’s set our intention to grow and share our learnings too, that’s this integrated field of learning we talk about – or is it the akashic field I knew about before I did.

Oh I do love this! ;0)

Shine brightly
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