sharing a secret – a 5 minute podcast

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Did you know there was or is a global day of kindness. No neither did I.

This got me remembering and thinking firstly how silly and then how brilliant. The silly thing is why be kind or show kindness on one day. Yes it may consolidate that energy but everyone needs to know about it.

Then the brilliant bit got me – let’s have a secret day – every day! Yay!!!!!!

Stay with me for 5 minutes and have a listen because I think I actually for once make a little bit of sense :0)
If you do we could start making those ripples of change that go so far and wide.

Let’s start together and let me know your thoughts and your experiences – the effect on others and yourself.

Please share to all your friends and those who aren’t and see how the generative field of learning really works.

Shine brightly
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