A fearful story – a podcast

Fear only exists because of what’s not there.

Far from the acronyms made up, sometimes so demeaning, I’m taking another snippet and seeing the gold in it wanted to take it further and deeper. Let’s move from the days of the sabre tooth tiger.

Yes and we’ll be needing our old ‘Jenny’ Journal and explore what’s not there in the areas that give you fear and more importantly what we can do when we discover what’s not there. What’s not there in those contexts might be simply skills, yet the further we dig we may begin to understand the emotions that are missing and if you had them what would happen to the fear? what would happen to the new outcome?

Let’s also look at ways we can practice adding the things that are missing and making sure they will work and work well – Yep, as always,we’ll also go through a couple of processes that will help you do this. Just for the people who want to know – The two processes here are NLP based. the 1st being perceptual positions and followed by collapsing anchors.

Remember before we do any of this work to get really great results set your intention and set the most

Let me know how this works for you and what you found missing so we can share in the generative field of learning

Shine brightly

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