The smallest goal that will change your life – guaranteed – podcast

We have been talking about goals for a little while now and sometimes we get overwhelmed or can’t find a goal to undertake. This episode is different in the way I have thought of what can be the most important goal we can pursue yet the smallest goal with the biggest return.

I honestly feel what I’m sharing will, if you take it up, will allow you to shine your very YOU!

Please enjoy and shine brightly.
Paul @pcloughie (twitter)

Please let me know how this has helped you and what else you like to be included in future episodes
Please share on as much social media as you can you never know what effect on others this will have but it will.
What have you to gain by listening – The world and you don’t have to stop following your other goals. In fact this will take your other goals to another level.
And……….. Yes this is so so simple it’s NUTZZZZZZ!