Personal Development Unplugged ~ What’s important in your relationship?

In this podcast we discuss ways of making relationships better. “Oh ! but I have a good relationship with…….” I hear some of you say but why stop at good or brilliant make that relationship never endingly better!!

You see there are simple things you can do or recognise that can make massive changes and the fact they are so simple to do makes it even better.

This is my personal development unplugged podcast all to do with enhancing the loving relationship you want or have. There is no reason that a relationship should not get better with time. I have also included a short piece that you and your partner can use right here and now and you’ll see hear and feel the difference I promise you!!! :0).

Why not listen to the podcast and enjoy

And Then there’s this little Hypnosis track I promised.

A hypnosis track that can be used awake (NOT driving or something that really needs your attention!) that brings back and reminds us of all the things we love in and about relationships. Why would you want to do this?…… Well it re-programmes or reminds your unconscious mind and biologically your recticular activating system to search out for what you enjoy and bring you more of it to your life. Many of my clients have found following this process that they beging to meet more people that they enjoy to be with and others not so enjoyable¬† seemed to not be there so much if at all. Please enjoy and if you do please share and leave a good review on iTunes so others may find and enjoy too ~ Thank you Paul ;0)

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