Personal development Unplugged ~ The Podcast

In this audio podcast I talk about how we can learn when we see things from a different position or perspective. Using NLP perceptional positions of self, other and meta……………………… Oh there I go into terminology and really this is broken down into simple ways we can learn from another point of view, in fact more than one point of view. When we do this we can gather great understanding and use this to communicate with ourselves and others how we want to be heard and they want to be understood. This is a powerful tool that  you can use and develop a great rapport and find ways forward where in the past you would have been stuck or worse gong around in circles.
In this episode / podcast we learn how to take a different perspective on relationships. To learn how we are communicating and then make it better. We all understand that we can see things differently when we look at a situation or person from a different view but when we learn from more than one perspective we can make incredible changes, understand and even sometimes know what is going on in someone else’s mind. Simple yet so highly powerful.
There is another track to follow to give you a real experience of doing this for yourself so please enjoy —–Paul

And here’s a not hypnosis track to accompany the above

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