let go of your limiting beliefs and open up your world

Limiting or Negative beliefs – What are they? and why do we need to empowering beliefs instead?

I’m not worthy, I’m not good enough I’m No……………………………….

These or words like these are the words we say to ourselves just below the surface but they control our lives and sometimes we don’t hear them but act upon them without fail.

In my experience when we want to do something but just seem we can’t we feel an emotion that doesn’t feel good and…….just below that feeling or attached to it is a belief that holds us back. Now when we first experienced this feeling way back in our past it was the best way we could react to what was going on at the time with the wisdom we had at that time our unconscious mind did for a positive reason – a positive intention. This positive intention probably centred around keeping you safe. The thing is that a whole of time and the mass of great experiences and learnings you have gained has been ignored, instead we just seem to feel that negative feeling more and more and more intense as time goes by.

When we let go of that old limiting belief, which was attached to that feeling, then the feeling just seems to vanish too. All we need to remember is that providing we learn from that time we created that belief we allow ourselves and our unconscious mind to use all those learnings, together with all the experiences and learnings you have amassed between then and now. That’s when we also allow the empowering beliefs that support us and are aligned with that positive intention.

In this podcast I talk more about this and I’ve included a hypnosis track to help you let go of your limiting beliefs and open up your world to so many possibilities,

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