Low Self Esteem ~ Personal Development Unplugged

I suffer from low self esteem – do you or do you know someone close that does? Someone really close by?
This is Paul with my Personal Development Unplugged podcast and my first of probably many chats on dealing with low self esteem.


WHY? Because it affects us all if we’re honest with ourselves. Take a moment to listen and hear that you’re not alone and you’re not too far away of being the you who you dream of and in fact, who you really are ‘0)

In my Hypnotherapy practice low self esteem is one of the most common behaviors my clients come to deal with. Yes you read that right behavior because that’s all it is, that and anxiety which hey go hand in hand. Don’t you agree? The hing is we can change and change quickly when we understand a few things so start now and listen in. If you enjoy please share with your friends and subscribe in iTunes,  which means you’ll get every new episode as they’re uploaded

There’s a hypnosis/NLP process to follow

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