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I know when this started – Oh – no I don’t – The Unplugged podcast

It seems that most people I work with seem to think they know when their problems/issues started and guess what? they don’t!
The way I work is not to work with the effect of the issue (some therapists do and take ages to get things cleared if at all) and work at the cause of the effect. You may remember a previous podcast about ‘it never walks through the door’ where I discussed this. I felt it would be good to revisit and give you some brilliant examples of how we get to believe we know the start of our issues. I think you will find them really interesting and get you to think more about the things effecting your life and want to change. We all seem to forget that our issues have a positive intention and when we learn from the root cause.

If you have a small example then I’ll go through with you a way to change and have your unconscious mind learn from the cause. I will stress if you have an issue which is more than a small issue then get help from a therapist like myself – I even work with people on the other side of this little old planet on Skype etc. so experienced help is always there for you.

I’ll even point you to a couple of my free hypnosis tracks that will really help you learn and change your life for the better.

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Shine brightly

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