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I Believe – the podcast

Change can happen in an instant – I know because I’ve seen it happen, heard of it happening and had it happen to me too!
I was reminded about this when hearing how a lady, Caroline Adams Miller, changed her life around from suffering bulimia to becoming the amazing person she is. How? by changing a belief or more specifically taking on a new empowering belief. It came through an AH-HA moment. You just have to be willing and open when they do come – because they will change your life

Last podcast we discussed how beliefs around our identity effect everything and a positive change of belief around your identity will positively effect everything from you skills/capabilities, your behaviors and how you can perform in any environment.

When I work with clients it seems that I always find, just below he surface, an ‘un-supporting’ belief which reinforces the negative behavior or emotion. Then it’s just a matter of understanding the positive intention for having this belief, emotions and behaviors – that’s when the MAGIC happens and we find just the right process to make the positive changes quickly.

Sometimes we have to go outside our comfort zone, I did when I embarked on this adventure and boy was it worth it! So here’s where I want to encourage you to step up and achieve your dreams because I truly believe! Believe you can and will all you have to is decide, set your intention and then GO!

Yes, I’ll give you something to think about and ways, some ‘ways’ to start you on your way. It’s simple and please don’t think simple is soft because my simple processes are what I use to make empowered great changes in both mine and my clients life.

I’ll give you a couple of examples from my clinic and take you through finding the positive intention behind your negative beliefs and emotions/behaviors and understanding the conflict. How with this understanding you can begin to learn better ways to achieve that intention and guess what? Make positive changes and let go of the old ways. YAY!!!!!

Shine brightly

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