Practicing to failure – NOT – the podcast.

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Yep it’s what we do practice things in our mind to make things worse, what can go wrong and even ‘wronger’ and with our wonderful ability to imagine, that’s right our imagination. Doing this can and does stop us from experiencing the adventure we dream of. What a bummer!

You see right now, this very moment, we’re ok and it hasn’t happened so let’s create a way to make sure the future we dream of happens. Happens in a way that we enjoy and even exceeds our wildest dreams. It’s totally possible so let’s learn how.

It’s not rocket science, unless you’re a rocket scientist ;0)  , as usual let’s break this down into simple ways because we know by now ‘In simplicity there is Genius’. We’re going to use the very same skill we use to make things worse and that stop us from doing things because it’s not the skill that’s not working it’s the way in which we’re using it -Doh!

Let me guide you to use your imagination and visualization to create the life you desire. Please don’t say ” but I can’t visualize!” I’ll even explain how you can and do.

Shine brightly


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