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Little changes

One thing that will really change your life
It’s a big shout but a good shout by me 😉
This came to me when I was half asleep – a sort of ah-ha moment
A question what is the smallest thing that can make my life better
and if I really think about making my life just a ‘ikkle’ bit better, not massive changes, little subtle changes how big will those changes grow into?

Doing things this way takes no effort and gets a massive return ROI.
Where can I use this for me and others, in fact where coulnd’t I?

This also reminded me of a little book by Benjamin Stubbs – “The law of attraction – Simples” and changing how you feel in little increments. In the clinic I love to make massive changes but by ourselves we can do the same thing but with baby steps.

What little things could you do in relationship to others in your life, the people you meet that would make a sublte difference and set off those ripples of change.

Have a listen and if you like share to just a few, pay it forward.
Shine brightly

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