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When fear is just the wrong behaviour – the 5 min podcast

Understanding intentions of our emotions is so important and when you do you can really understand your best friend, your unconscious mind, is doing it’s very best for you and when it realises what it’s doing is in conflict with that intention change becomes really easy.

Here’s a real life experience of a client of mine who was really having trouble with panic attacks and anxiety. This was really upsetting her preparation for exams. It wasn’t until we fully understood the intent for all this fear and anxiety that it all made complete sense and even showed her where guilt also played a part in her unconscious minds’ efforts to have her do well.

As usual it all comes down to simplicity and taking confusing complicated things out of the way.

Please listen, even if you don’t have this type of issue, the principle remains the same for other issues 😉

Shine brightly

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