Challenges – yours and mine – The 5 minute podcast

This isn’t going back to re-framing problems into a challenge – old hat!

This is,in around 5 minutes,chatting about what real challenges we have.

The challenges we face come in every context of our lives. Starting from the thought of ‘what have I not achieved or not got what I want’. The answers. if we are honest, are where we are challenged. Once we identify these we can find ways to overcome, get around, go over and ultimately find a way to success.

Other challenges come from being held back by negative emotions or negative and nonsupporting beliefs, which when we identify them and understand the intention behind them can make massive changes in our lives.

It really comes down to being honest about ourselves with ourselves, which takes a little leap of courage and faith.
This is by way of a taster of the next longer podcast and I’ll lead the way in opening up and sharing a few of my personal challenges and some of the ways I got them sorted. There’s even a hypnosis track to go with that one too! Whoo hoo!

Shine brightly

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