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Following on from FMQ 129 I promised to share something personal. To share a personal challenge that effected me and the people close to me. Well, I have done that and a little more. I hope by opening up and letting you in, you will be able to learn from my challenges. Learn in a number of ways.

If you are currently experiencing issues in your life I hope to encourage you that this too will pass, that there is always a way and that the darkness you are experiencing now helps you appreciate the light so much more. Hard to believe right now I know but it does :0)

If you ever find yourself in the future facing overwhelming challenges you can know to take action early and know you can find the resources you need to succeed.

If you know of someone who is not themselves, acting a little different then you know you can help by talking and suggesting help. That’s why I always ask you to share this podcast with everyone you know, it’s not an ego thing but knowing we have helped feels so damn good! That’s why I work with people and carry on talking to you in this podcast. There is ‘ I believe a generative field of learning and the more we put into it everyone benefits.

I have also added a hypnosis track, the process I use I don’t know where it came from and I may have come up with it myself was a tremendous help for me and has proved to be the same for so many others. So join our experience

Shine brightly
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