Yep – You’re broken ‘ n’ need fixin’ the podcast

Are you really broke, are you broken and need a fix or are you perfect?

Or in an other way do you feel broke or a little broken? I know many of my clients feel this way and isolated or lonely and being to wonder “can I be fixed?” Now whether you are (and you’re not) or you feel you are that’s your world and reality and who’s to say different. The thing is either way you are totally fixable and can be better than you can imagine AND it doesn’t have to take an age!!!

Everyone has the ability to change in an instant and improve yourself in an instant and when you do I wonder what your limit is because whatever you think it is you’re more than that.

This is a little on the rant side because I get so annoyed when I here people and especially those who should know better give out negative advice and expectation – who hasn’t heard of instant remission?

There’s even a word from our sponsor ;0)

Shine brightly
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