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#91 Start right now – on your dreams that is – a longer unplugged podcast

We can always find excuses for not doing, getting and making your dreams/goals become real. In we I mean Me and a maybe you. How many times will you dare to admit that you have put off doing what you want because you don’t know enough or have enough experience. You were perfectly correct because we all know wisdom comes with age NOT!!!!!!!! wisdom comes from experience and the more you experience and learn the better you will be. No-one knows everything so how can you? Sometimes it’s the not knowing that leads to the biggest findings. Do what you know and do it well but stretch and go beyond these invisible self imposed boundaries. You are a master of what YOU know and before that you didn’t know.

Let’s think about taking some action to make those dreams and goals become real. let’s go through ways and processes that just work! We’ll need ‘Jenny’ journal to make sure this stuff gets remembered and can be made better. I’ll guide you through these processes and I have even recorded two (yes TWO!!!!) additional coaching and hypnosis tracks for you to use after gathering the important information. Let’s make sure you understand your intention for wanting what you want, making sure they a ‘toward’ goal not an ‘away’ from. I’ll explain what I mean in the pod.

I’ll take you through some wonderfully powerful questions to ask the both of you that evoke answers that help guide your actions and desires.

This is such a small summary of the information I share and probably one of the longest pods to-date and I think and hope you find more jems than you can imagine and get those things that you have not realised YET!

So please have a listen and maybe a second listen with ‘Jenny’ at hand and please remember you can ask me questions and give feedback – simply email me

Shine brightly

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