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Flooding in the right way

And there’s a hypnosis track I’ve created for this, simply go to paulcloughonline.com/podcast – it’s free Yay!

Does flooding your fears work? When it does I guess the result is good even if the process stinks (IMO) When it doesn’t I believe it makes things worse than when you started.
Knowing the results are inconsistent will not, to me, will create the best emotional state to start a change session and I want a state of at the least ‘it could be possible’ and therefore ‘I’m prepared to do whatever it takes’ and an imagined how I WANT it to be.

The thing is I know you have all the skills you need inside and you have a great imagination. If you can’t imagine having a great imagination just begin to dream starting small.

So if you have an issue let’s start from a different place and wonder how can I use this opportunity – yep opportunity!!! starting from here everything has to be different. We’ll even start with a ridiculously easy and ridiculous way to imagine going through that issue. It’s so simple it simply works!

I’ll go through a how because no one’s left hanging without a way to prepare for an event you’re a little anxious about. Even if you’re not anxious and feel good about it this will make the result even better than you feel confident in. So it works for everyone (another YAY!)

I’ll walk you through the process before, during and after so get Jenny (Jenny Journal) because to get the result better than you can imagine you will need to do just a ‘ikkle’ bit thinking and writing. Having gone though this process with me taking you through it you’ll have hypnosis track to use both your conscious mind and your unconscious mind to improve the result even more. You will be able to download the track and use it over and over again – on different desired outcomes because you will not wear it out ;0) Just click here
Shine brightly
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