There’s a pebble in my shoe! a podcast

We’ve all had the experience of putting up with a pebble in our shoe, trying to ignore it and we try to keep on ignoring it but it just stays there and is always in the corner of your mind. This is a real experience and it’s also a metaphor for those issues we try to ignore and they don’t disappear do they?

Let me give you a couple of my personal examples, one of which changed the way I work with clients. It was my unconscious mind trying to communicate with me and give me guidance and it’s only when I addressed that pebble, listened, I found out something really important.

So what are you ignoring, what’s that metaphorical pebble in your shoe trying to tell you? Let’s get our ‘Jenny’ journal and explore. let’s take time out and really listen with all our senses – seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling – and connect and learn.

I’ll go through so many things yo may learn and what to do in a simple yet powerful way. When you do that niggle, that pebble will assist in your growth which is why you’re here – isn’t it?

If you had a best friend that kept tapping you on the shoulder because they want to help you you would listen wouldn’t you? Well listen to you best best friend. Let’s listen and get lucky – create serendipity OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooh!!!!!

Shine brightly


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