Courage and life’s messages – podcast

A little deeper podcast, well deep for me! Something made me think and I feel it may make you think too.

What does life want from you? What does life give to you? Do we actually take the time to notice? I know, when it was brought to my attention, that I really haven’t taken enough time to consider this. I do believe when you do, life’s learnings or messages become clearer and letting us in what’s available to us. Then it’s up to us to decide whether or not to act and take advantage of these opportunities. Maybe we’re not ready, although the universe/multiverse seems to think so.

Maybe it’s life challenging our limiting belief and showing us a way we haven’t thought possible. Some may call it coincidence or serendipity and it may just be life pulling or nudging us back on course to our vision – even if we don’t fully understand what that is YET! Let’s be more observant of places and opportunities to live our lives with passion – More passion than you can stand!

Please enjoy and shine brightly.
Paul @pcloughie (twitter)
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