The – It’s my choice to feel this way – podcast

Digging deeper into how and why we feel the way we do – Why because we have a choice. We, you and I, choose to feel the way we do. Choose the emotions that we either like or dislike. Not that I’m saying you choose consciously to feel negative, it’s an unconscious process. Which means we have to dive into that realm to find the solution, are you ready to dive?
So if you’re feeling negative and we have the ability to choose then why not choose to feel different. The thing is if we try to change from one emotion to another and they are too far apart it can be really difficult. This is where our digging deeper comes in and I’ll share with you how I overcame this dilemma from my personal experience.
As usual I won’t leave you hanging saying ‘It’s alright for you Paul but I don’t know how’. I will explain how you can learn what this #negative emotion is trying to do for you – yes there will be a positive intention behind it – and how to change it to something better until you get to feel the way you want to.
Let’s go through this together and learn to change and be the way we want to be and do because you can all you have to have is the imagination of how you want to feel, be and do!



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Please enjoy and shine brightly
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