A podcast – Lets’ start close to home – the longer podcast

There’s so many things going on, some are in plain sight and one that I’m noticing right now have the Mental health banner which sometimes seems to register either, not me, or what can I do about it anyway?

I have been away visiting my son Joseph and his wife which was so great. Where they live has a problem in plain sight and that is on of an abundance of homeless people. It’s not just people being homeless it’s the mental health issues these poor people are suffering and the reaction is to steer clear. That’s good advice if we are not equipped to help and there is specialised help available but maybe not enough and that stinks!

The thing is, these people are exactly that – they are people, human beings, maybe a brother or sister and definitely a son or a daughter. I have three sons and three grand children and I am a son. Knowing you are one or more these too we have to say there by the grace it’s not me.

The thing is it could be you/me one day if we hide our issues, or it could be a member of your family or one of your friends or colleagues. Let me give you a personal example how with all the best intentions someone in need of help was helped to hide the problems they were suffering resulting in the opposite negative effect and with a little bit of help the problem can and did disappear. You will have o listen to hear the details.

Sometimes it can be as simple as asking and then really listening to the answer and not letting a glib answer let you off the hook and not helping.

All a bit serious and rightly so but the answer, I believe, is more simple than you may think and a little compassion, Not empathy, can make a huge difference. The thing is, you will, as I say so many times, never know how far the ripples of change will travel and effect so many more people than the one person that you just helped. Plus when you do the feeling is magical!

Have a listen please.
Shine brightly

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