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The problem is never the problem
It’s an effect of a cause (a root cause) the law of cause and effect.

I learnt this from my early experiences on my adventure of being a hypnotherapist. You see I would ask my client what their problem, their issue, was and then use what I knew to resolve it with them. Results? very mixed.

The I experienced a client that taught me something that was to change forever how I was and do work with clients and get so much success with them. You can imagine how that and still does make me feel when I see my clients getting the results they wanted and more than they can imagine. Let me tell you the story of that client.

The there was a lovely lady who came to see me who just confirmed this ‘the problem is not the problem’ which I wouldn’t have had the success with her if I hadn’t learnt this.

When we go below the surface, to learn from the cause of the issue and all it’s effects and intentions and this means we can change the effect as we no longer need to behave, feel that way again.

Let’s get ‘Jenny’ journal and explore your issues and their positive intentions, what’s missing or what you need that you could use. We want the intention to remain but find better ways to believe, feel and behave – That’s when the problem disappears and the ripples of change will go far into other areas of your life and that’s really exciting!

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Shine brightly
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