Reflections Hmmmmm – The podcast

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Like the opening ‘Drop’???

Reflections – what am I talking about? well to reflect, to think about our emotions and then more importantly to reflect and learn AND then act.
So I’ve looked in the mirror and found a personal reflection and decided to share it with you.

So what could you reflect on and how? Well never one to leave you hanging I’ll give you my two pennies worth on different hows.

But it’s not just about reflecting, one of the most important things is setting your intention and being in the right state of mind. The state of mind I’m using is curiosity (you can substitute any other that you feel would be better for you) and I’ll show you how to do both.

Try it this way then adapt it to your intuitive way and make it better. If you do please share your changes with me so I can let everyone else know.

Look out for #62.1 the exercise that makes sense of it all

Enjoy and feel brightly.
Paul @pcloughie (twitter)
Please let me know how this has helped you and what else you like to be included in future episodes
Please share on as much social media as you can you never know what effect on others this will have but it will.
Following on from podcast#62 here’s a little experience or a way to set yourself up for reflection and a way to reflect from different perspectives.
I think you’ll find this fun and curiously will learn a lot more about you.
And if you’re put off by the word exercise then don’t be and use that as something to reflect upon ;0)