The Five minute Quickie Podcast

or FMQ for short is my very short podcast to give simple tips or processes that you can do right now and improve your day and days to come. Some examples of what’s to come are #Seeing the world like Leonardo Da Vinci or #Journaling to make your day  or #simply feeling better than you are right now and many many more quick and simple things we can do right now.
These FMQ’s may also prove to be the kick up the bum we all need to do the things we know and remember them (certainly this is as much for me as it is for you ;0).

Here’s the introductory FMQ to explain

Here’s the first of many ~ please enjoy and share. If you do enjoy I would really appreciate a good review on iTunes and if your subscribe you will get each new shining podcast as soon as they are uploaded!

FMQ 1 – STOP, FMQ 2 – 3 special books, FMQ 3 – Feeling better, FMQ 4 – Baby steps, FMQ 5 – Awesome fishes FMQ 6 – Creating your day FMQ 7 – Teachers sent to help us FMQ 8 – Choiceless Awareness FMQ 9 – You little waster You FMQ 10 – Change your state instantly FMQ 11 – Who’s showing up FMQ 12 – To do lists don’t work FMQ13 – 20/20 Vision? FMQ 14 – I’ve got an idea FMQ 15 – Get out of your way FMQ 16 Excuses what are your? FMQ 17 Who needs a coach FMQ 18 Anxiety a calling FMQ 19 A recommendation Geoff Thompson FMQ 20 What’s your default mode? FMQ 21 Growing your ideas FMQ 22 Sharing your ideas FMQ 23 A sabbatical- go treat yourself FMQ 24 It has to be perfect FMQ 25 Change your Environment FMQ 26 mastering what you know FMQ 27 You little faker FMQ 28 A challenge  – to wake up FMQ 29 Take a risk FMQ 30 A word of encouragement FMQ 31 Is that the best you can do? FMQ 32 You know more than you know you know FMQ 33 Please- Turn off the noise! FMQ 34 What??? Lets Contemplate! FMQ 35 How Old Are You Really FMQ 36 Chasing Happiness And Anything Else FMQ 37 Go On Treat Yourself! FMQ 38 Experience The World Like Leonardo Da Vinci FMQ 39  How Ya Feeling Right Now? FMQ 40 Changing Beliefs FMQ 41 Your National Day FMQ 41 Risking a life of fulfilment FMQ 42 Go on – give a little – of you FMQ 43 Yes I know – It’s a stretch FMQ 44 two more books to help you show and shine FMQ 45 Block head or Block out? FMQ 46 how many times are you prepared to fail? FMQ 47  ‘F’ it or something shocking FMQ 48 I get scared and fearful let’s use it!! FMQ 49  Lets set some intention dude! FMQ 50 Let’s feel different – right now! FMQ 51 You are your brand FMQ 52 The secret ‘Pay it forward’ FMQ 53 I’m not good enough FMQ 54 Let’s re-Boot FMQ 55 How successful are you? FMQ 56 Are you using what you know you know FMQ 57 What’s your next opportunity  FMQ


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