What’s my personal outcome for being in this area of personal development?

That’s easy to answer…. I get to be part of their success in my own way, just as I do when I see someone make magical changes in their life in the therapy side of my life.
Assisting sportsmen and women of every skill level to improve and enjoy thier chosen sport.
Knowing that the secret of success in sport of any kind requires the mind to be truly aligned with your outcome, if it isn’t then we always fall short of our true potential.
Knowing that such things as Hypnosis and NLP are some of the greatest tools we can use to do this is one thing,
but knowing what and how to use them is the key.
I believe I have a way of finding the right key to unlock your brain, your mind and to help others to produce their best.
With Luke, my middle son, we set up Cambridge Sports Pyschology (CSP) some years ago and on the back of this and my time in Bournemouth I decided to open up a similar ventureĀ Bournemouth Sports Psychology (BSP)
The thing about sportsmen and women is that they can look into the face of fear and overcome it, push their boundaries to find new hights which is something we can all leaarn from.

For the avoidance of doubt, Paul is not and does not claim to be a psychologist, he is however a highly trained and experienced Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy(tm) and a Master Hypnotist ~ These skills are widely recognised as being highly effective in facilitating sports enhancement and excellence.