Supporting Joseph in his ‘Be Your Potential’ seminars gave me the idea to be creater and founder of In effect making one of my dreams become real.

For a long time I have always loved the thought of being a dreamer and reading about dreamers. Not the night time dreams but using your imagination and then taking action to make that dream a reality.

For me the greatest dreamer was Walt Disney and knowing he was able to see all that has been created under the Disney title before we could experience it and that his dream lives on and still inspires today. There’s even a wonderful NLP pattern/process named the ‘Disney Pattern’ modeled from his unique way of creating from dreams!

So many people will teach or tell of the magic of Law of Attraction but only a few talk of the need to take inspired action to experience the magic. It was this that inspired me to produce a work book for Dreamers that takes you away from just thinking and wishing to being part of creating your dreams, making them real in your life. To enjoy the dream and the reality of it.

From there to work on the things that hold us back from dreaming or taking the required action …….beliefs

When we believe we can…………..WE CAN

Some people say “I’ll believe it when I see it” The thing is they probably won’t.

And why won’t they see it?

Because you will only see it when you believe in it. Beliefs make our world and when we truly believe that what we want to happen in our lives will happen and can feel what that will mean to us then the law of attraction just work in the way you want it too!

When we have a negative belief that does not support us we fail to take action and it’s by letting go of these limiting beliefs we enrich our life and begin living life to the full.