Hypnotherapy Creating Change in Cambridge & Bournemouth

Having created Cambridge Hypnotherapy with my youngest son Joseph way back in 1999-2000 and then having my middle son, Luke, join us we are one of the few real full time professional clinics in Cambridge. We seem to have gone on from strength to strength. I believe we are adding a new way of brief and lasting change in our way of developing hypnotherapy in Cambridge and lately now in Bournemouth.

Our Success continues


By continuing to develop new ways and processes in Hypnosis and NLP together with Time Line Therapy(tm) we are all getting wonderful results for our clients and generally in 2-3 sessions. It’s not only these exciting developments we discover but I think all three of us have an unbending belief that all our clients will get their results quickly, in fact we all try to achieve this in one session ~ and occasionally do!

Then there was/is Bournemouth


With the continuing changes in my life I now spend part of my life in Bournemouth. So what better thing to do than start The Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic and bring the things we have learnt and develped in Cambridge to the heart of Dorset. Along with Chris Ferraris we bring the same belief of speedy and comfortable change.

I’ve been very lucky to have wonderful people to work with. Here’s a just a few words they sent me 

“Dear Paul, Thank you for yesterday’s powerful session. Your voice is so special.
I am feeling very good but I can’t explain why”
CB (Cambridge)

“Hi Paul, I just can’t thank you enough for helping me to beat my fear of flying. I was a bit nervous before my first flight after our hypnotherapy session, wondering if it would work, but the whole flight experience turned out to be a 90% improvement!!! The fear just wasn’t there anymore, and I nearly dozed off as the plane was going on the runway! During the take off my brain wanted to tell me “I should be scared now, this is when I usually start being scared!”, but the fear just wasn’t there anymore. Fantastic! Thank you for making this crucial change in my life!” TB(Cambridge)


Depression and saddness


PART 1 – “Having suffered from severe clinical depression for years & after trying various things suggested by the hospital, my husband found Paul’s web site. I am so glad he found it, after 3 sessions I have my life back, I am excited about the future & actually feel happy. A feeling I never thought I would feel again.Thank you Paul, it is hard to believe now that a month ago I had no hope.
Now I can’t describe the joy that I feel.
Thank you Paul. I had given up all hope of ever “living” again. You gave me back my life.My husband keeps laughing & shaking his head as he can’t get over the change of me being positive, getting excited & looking forward.” A G (Cambridge)


PART 2 (6 MONTHS LATER) – Hi Paul, life is great!

Mauritius was amazing, paradise, we had a great time & I did things I never thought I would do.
We went parasailing which was amazing, we went under water walking – which as a person who hates the water – was a true miracle. we walked with lions & stroked cheetahs!
How about all that then?

At the end of the month we are off to New York for our anniversary, I am so excited about it. I really think that I will make it up the empire state building & really look at the views – frightened of heights!

So I think we can safely say that my life has completely changed, thanks Paul. A G (Cambridge)