About Me…….Paul Clough.

This is my online CV. Showing the things I do and the thing I love ~ helping people change.

So who am I? and what do I do?………    portrait2

I now love helping making changes in people and guiding them to create the life they really want.

A personal look at me:

The above sentence was not always the case………

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Hypnotherapy, NLP & Hypnosis Trainings

One of my greatest loves – supporting Joseph in his life changing and magical weekend seminars closely followed teaching NLP and Real Hypnosis to would be Hypnotherapists and people wanting to make great changes in their …..

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Hypnotherapy that changes lives

First there was Cambridge Hypnotherapy (my first baby) then came along Bournemouth Hypnotherapy Clinic. Seeing and being part of clients changing lives from getting rid of depression to anxiety, fear and phobias I…….

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Making your dreams come true

Another one of my babies…Taking the law of attraction futher to help you create and make your dreams a reality. Changing limiting beliefs to one of abundance and a life of special wonder.

Using Hypnosis audios and ….

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Sports Psychology taken to a new level in Cambridge & Bournemouth

Using NLP & Hypnosis Sports Psychology is specifically aimed at enhancing sporting skills and achieving optimum sporting performance…..

What’s my personal outcome for being in this area of personal development?
That’s easy to answer….

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Coaching Business and career excellence

Having over 30 years experience in Business with an extensive knowledge of persuasion/negotiation/

conciliation/selling techniques……

I believe running a business can and should be both exciting and pleasurable as well as being profitable.
I am able to grow your business and career at every level.

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Your Personal Development

Personal Development programs with a difference

What’s the difference? Firstly they are based on breaking the complicated back to simple because simple just works!

Also my programs include letting go of negative emotions we all seem to live with ( we don’t need to by the way)

My personal programs are based from my experience as a NLP Hypnotherapist with a few more things thrown in for good measure


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and in Conclusion…….

Let me help you make the changes in your life you desire
This is my passion, so it costs you nothing to find out HOW. Achieve natural success and not rely on remembering techniques.
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