Having over 30 years experince in Business with an extensive knowledge of persuassion/negotiation/consiliation/selling techniques……

I believe running a business can and should be both exciting and pleasurable as well as being profitable.

We spend most of our waking lives (and some of our sleeping lives) at work and if you’re not experiencing the above why do it?


Make it so and enjoy creating your vision and make it a reality by communicating in a way that is understood by everyone.
We communicate our values, mission, ideas and dreams with every word we say, how we say them and deliver them.

Think about all the great communicators of the past and present
Your business is primarily made up of people~ you, your colleagues and clients and all may suffer from bad communication.

From Directors and executives to your employees, to run an efficient and profitable business, everyone has to be happy in what there doing and have the skills needed for their job.
A key focus of all the services I provide is to raise peoples awareness of their behaviours and the impact they have on others and themselves, to understand why they behave the way they do and to provide key steps for how they can change and develop.
I will work with you or your people to develop refine and enhance either yours or their skills and approaches

so that you or they have an edge that is different, that brings about results that add value.
Are you and your employees working to the best of your capabilities? What I propose is not just another set of techniques but a way of working that becomes a natural way of excellence and leads to fulfilment in all areas of our lives.

“The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished” George Bernard Shaw”


Recruitment. A vast amount of time, money and energy is involved in any companies’ recruitment procedure and it is extremely costly when it goes wrong. What would it be like to have tools that can help you get the right candidate into your business.

RelationshipBuilding – improve relationships with colleagues and customer to work more ffectively

Negotiations – understand the other party’s model of the world to negotiate more effectively.

Meeting effectiveness – handle conflict and ensure everyone is participating.

Managing People – understanding people’s motivation and values enables you to manage and appraise efficiently and allow them to succeed

Presentations. Learn how to remain balanced and calm during a presentation that grabs the audience’s attention.

Team building and Management training. Create the success of the future.

Motivation. Learn techniques to ensure you and your colleagues are motivated and confident no matter what.

Achieve objectives. Learn how to plan and achieve business objectives.

So, ask yourself, Could your business be better at communicating?

Are you achieving your goals all the time, every time?

Are you the best, what is the best doing that you are not?

What are you not achieving that you should be?

Whatever your role communication with others and yourself is they key to success. By the end of the bespoke programme you will be able to:

    • Acquire a set of ‘How to’ skills enabling you to develop your behaviours to a new level of effectiveness


    • Set and achieve challenging goals in order to fulfil your personal and career ambitions


    • Overcome limitations that have stopped you from achieving goals in the past


    • Increase your effectiveness when presenting to groups


    • Positively influence others, whether face to face or on the phone


    • Develop rapport easily ¨ Increase your confidence in challenging situations


    • Optimise your communication and influencing skills


  • If you are a manager, trainer or coach you will be able to teach others how to use these skills and much more……..



You will be encouraged to apply NLP to a work related project under supervision. In the past delegates have designed NLP based Training Courses, worked on incorporating NLP into their Sales Strategy, applied NLP to their self development and clarification of vision, to mention but a few.

    • You will understand how to apply NLP skills to any work situation


    • Enhance meetings and presentations


    • Create training programmes that will gain maximum participation


    • Deal with difficult people


    • Develop good working relationships with others


    • Control your moods and confidence levels


    • Achieve work related goals


    • Motivate and influence teams and individuals


    • Develop leadership skills


Saving the excessive expensive incurred by stress related illnesses
Having a clear vision of where the company is going
Having happy and assertive employees, enjoying their work and knowing their role.
Creating your future and enjoying every minute of it.