Another Personal development unplugged podcast

In this short podcast I have to admit being humbled. It was a good feeling and made me think and consider me, about me, a little more deeply than ………… well you’ll see.
The world is full of things that, if you look, listen out for they may well change the way you think and act forever ~ in a good way, NO in a great way.
Have you ever read or listened to something and thought “Oh I know this already!” well so did I but then that’s when I was humbled to the fact I didn’t know what I thought I knew. I knew something of the topic but then I got something extra and that made me think even more deeply of what  know and how can I learn more

I really hope you like this and my other ramblings and get to make the changes you want in your life. The changes only need to be small to have great effect. Like the ripples of change, we really don’t know how far they go and who they affect but they do! Love it!
Please enjoy with my love